Waterproof Jackets for Hiking Buying Guide

Hiking is always fun when everything works as per your plans. The amount of fun you get from hiking is exceptional. However, many people are always left frustrated by the unexpected weathers in their destination. This is because people tend to carry attires that can shield them from the cold but forget that their heavy jackets might not protect them from rains. This creates the essence of carrying a waterproof hiking bag. These bags are designed in a way that they shield you from both the rains and low temperatures of high altitude areas.

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It is not just a straightforward thing to choose the best waterproof jacket. You need to have the tips of choosing the right type of waterproof jacket  for hiking. You are advised to always be having a waterproof jacket because the weather in the mountains keeps on changing. There are different types of waterproof jackets for hiking. Some of them are lightweight while others are heavy. They also have different waterproofing levels. It all depends with the amount of money that each of the designs is sold at. In order to get the best jacket, there are various factors that you need to consider. This article will look into those factors.


Waterproofing varies depending on the design of the jacket that you purchase. However, it depends with the level that you want when it comes to waterproof jackets for hiking. There is a scale of 5 units that is used to measure the waterproof level of each jacket. Each of the jackets falls in one of the scale ratings and this is used to indicate its waterproof level. The development of these ratings is done in the laboratory depending on the quality of the jacket. The one that scores the highest rating is the best in terms of waterproofing. It will also be able to provide the user with the maximum protection required. According to the scale, the initial rating is known as shower protection. This falls between 2 and 3 on the scale. It indicates that the jacket can protect the user for a maximum of 2 hours if the rainfall has a gauge of 6 to 12cm. the next rating is known as storm protection. A jacket that falls within this category is good enough to protect the user from a storm of up to 3ocm of rainfall that falls for up to 3 hours. The last rating indicates a score of 5 on the scale. The jacket that falls within this rating is the best. However, it costs more than the rest of its counterparts. It is capable of protecting the user from a 1.8m of rainfall thunderstorm. It also has the capability to do this for up to 4 hours of downpour.

External Temperature

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There are different kinds of waterproof hiking jackets. Some are warm jackets while others are lightweight. The two kinds of jackets are very different and that is why you should be very careful when choosing the kind of jacket that you want for hiking. The warm jacket have a lining that provides warmth to the user. The lining can be detachable or not depending on the design of your choice. However, both designs do exist. Depending on the temperatures of the surrounding or the season, you can choose to detach the warming lining which then make the jacket a lightweight jacket. Moreover, you can choose to acquire a lightweight jacket. However, this kind of jacket has a very thin lining or completely unlined. The jacket will be unable to protect you from the cold weather unless if you wear it over another jacket that can keep you warm.

Intensity Effort

This refers to the hike’s intensity and as the last criteria of choosing a waterproof hiking jacket to consider. If the intensity ids high, you are expected to perspire more. This means that the rate of perspiration is directly proportional to the intensity. In this case you will need a jacket with ventilations if the intensity will be high. A jacket can have mechanical ventilations which involves zips under the arm or mesh under the pockets. If you have to wear anything under the jacket, make sure that it is breathable and keep the jacket bottoms, and sleeve cuffs open to allow more perspiration.


Waterproof jackets for hiking are very valuable when you in your outdoor activities. High in the mountains, the temperatures and weather are highly dynamic depending. Being in possession of a waterproof jacket that keeps you warm is very essential. In order to get the best of the jackets, make sure that you consider factors like breathability, intensity or the effort of climbing and the outside temperatures.